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Dealix - Precision Targeting

Sr. Visual Designer created the interface for New/Used Car Sales Targeting Tool and new Lead Estimator Tool.  Some of the features included are, targeted sales territories, estimating leads and generating contracts. The tool was created for the sales team to work closely with car dealers. Therefore, I created an interface that was “shiney” and attractive. A car dashboard was the inspiration for the design.

Sr. Visual Designer
UX/UI Designer

Dealer retention rose 20%
Dealer sign-ups increased 25%
Contract creation time was reduced 50%

What sales is saying about Precision Targeting

On behalf of the Solutions Consultant Team, I just had to tell you how impressed we all were with the Dealix primary sales tools, especially the Precision Targeting Tool. This is by far the most intuitive tool we’ve seen and very straight forward. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Solutions Consultant Team
Dealix/ADP Dealer Services