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I’ve spent most of my life drawing. At the age of 10, a drawing of mine won a local contest and was published in the local paper. The award certificate came with a check for $6.00. It was my first paying job as an artist.

After receiving a degree in psychology I chose to learn the tools of digital art including, Illustrator and Photoshop.

I enjoy meeting with a small group of product owners and stakeholders and learning about a new feature. Diving deep. Really understanding it. Visualizing it.

Finding a quiet place to think, I pump loud music through headphones and sketch thoughts on paper. Breaking down the pieces, putting them back together and solving the puzzle.

With feedback from users, colleagues and product discovery sessions my designs evolve into journeys, interfaces and tools that make a difference.

20 years later I’m fortunate enough to use my degree in psychology and do what I love, connecting dots and creating.