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  • Visual Thought Leader
  • UX Influencer
  • Workflow Disruptor

A strategic, visual thought leader, I transform high level requirements into result driven, multi-platform experiences, interfaces and tools.

Iterative, User-Centric Design Process

• Collaboration and multiple touch points with users throughout entire product lifecycle
• Quick response and adjustment to changing requirements
• Liaison between product and engineering to deliver bi-weekly, functional releases

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Current Project

Verizon IPTV Platform CMS

Verizon IPTV Platform CMS is an internal content and service tool that enables management of Verizon’s next-generation TV service.  CMS processes and functionality included; setting up infrastructure, onboarding broadcast channels, VOD providers and content, merchandising and managing content, and more.

Goal of Project
Adding new features and functionality and improve workflow efficiency and accuracy for 700+ active users including content operators, curators and service managers.

Principal owner of UX/UI

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